-Welcome to the Website of BOKUMONDOH-
The  one and only Lacquerware Studio specializing in Tsugaru-nuri and Kawari-nuri in Tokyo. 

Latest Information

  • New Pens are available For Sale!(04/13/2022)
  • New Pen Rolls added For Sale!(04/09/2022)
  • There is currently 12 months waiting period. (04/01/2022)
  • As of 2/16/21, it is not possible to ship to  Australia and Canada  by EMS.
    ※We will ship with a commercial transport company.
  • For the Philippines, depending on the city, it is not possible to ship by EMS.

Made to Order

万年筆 / Fountain Pens

鞘 / Sheaths

For Sale

Fountain Pens

Pen Rolls